Virabhadrasana II

Execution technique From the position of Tadasana, we take a step with the left foot to the side – to the other edge of the mat. We turn the foot of the right foot to the right and check that the knee is above the heel. The foot of the left leg is wrapped inward at an angle of 45 degrees. We lower the pelvis as low as possible, avoiding pain. We raise our hands to the parallel with the floor – look towards the right hand. Slightly move the body to the left to level the position.

We linger in the pose for 6-7 breath cycles, return to the starting position and perform on the other leg.

Simplifications. If it is difficult to hold the position, the legs can be brought closer and not squat deeply – let’s say an obtuse angle between the thigh and lower leg of the bent leg. It is impossible to take the knee behind the heel line, this is fraught with injuries.

Benefit. Strengthens the muscles of the thighs and calf muscles, increases the mobility of the hip joints.