Why Kids Cheat: Top 3 Reasons Parents Should Know

Almost everyone likes to lie about http://argoprep.com/blog/educators/fake-news-examples-for-students-and-how-to-find-the-facts/ a little, including adults and children. However, parents need to pay attention to this fact in time so that the child is not used to constant lies. After all, it can become a habit and continue into adulthood.

Yes, and the constant lies of children can lead to sad events at school, in relationships with peers and adults. And to make it easier for parents to understand children’s lies, the psychologist names three main reasons for children’s lies.

People cheat for three main reasons, regardless of gender or age:

* The first reason is that they want to get something that they won’t get if they tell the truth.

* Second, they want to avoid something. Most often, for example, children want to avoid punishment.

* And third, they want to be something they are not.

Basically, you can say that if a child is lying about http://argoprep.com/blog/types-of-summative-assessment-and-formative-assessment/, it is most likely that it is not safe for him to tell the truth next to you. Most parents themselves teach their children to lie, forming just such an attitude towards misconduct.

Therefore, I believe that if a child committed a misdemeanor and confessed to it, he should not be punished. On the contrary – it is worth somehow encouraging for the truth. Although, of course, the situations are completely different.

Dmitry Karpachev also noted that at the age of up to four years, a child’s fantasies can manifest themselves in this way.