Brothers and Sisters: Jealousy

Question from mom: a second child and appeared in the family. How to avoid jealousy from the elder?

Jealousy towards brothers and sisters is a normal and natural phenomenon. There are many manifestations of it: from open conflicts to silent suffering or withdrawal into illness. The first attacks of jealousy usually occur when the older child begins to feel less loved after the birth of the younger. It will not be possible to avoid this – after all, now the attention of parents is really divided into two, while recently it belonged entirely to one. What to do?
Tell us about the positive aspects of the new status of your older child: that with the birth of a baby, the elder will have a new friend who will always be with him, and with whom he will have fun and not be lonely.
Watch a home video together, where the older one is still a baby, just as helpless, requiring attention and care, as the younger one is now. This will allow the elder to understand that the same thing happened to him and he behaved in the same way as the little one now. Explain to the older child that the increased attention to his younger brother or sister is due solely to his helplessness, and not to the fact that he is more loved.
Gently and unobtrusively involve the elder in caring for the younger: “Bring, please …”, “Please go for a bottle …”. And then – thank, praise and tell everyone!
Don’t give or give toys or things from an older child to a younger one without permission, especially things that the younger one is used to. Also, the older child should maintain his personal space.
Do not set an example for your child of your other child: if you want to set someone as an example, then let it be other people’s children.
Remember, each of the children should have the opportunity to be alone with you for at least half an hour a day. It is very important!
And most importantly, stop feeling guilty! It is in your hands to help your older child get used to a new role, accept it and be happy. Patience to you, health and well-being!