Specialized High Schools Reception Test – Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. What is the shsat?

Schools Test Admission Specialized High (SHSAT) is an examination introduction to eighth and ninth grade students residing in New York City and is used to determine admission to all but one city nine specialized secondary schools. In 2008, approximately 29,000 students took the test and 6,108 students offered admission to a secondary school based on results. On average, 30,000 students passed the test each year. The test is given each year in October and November, and students were informed of their results the following March. Those who receive offers to decide in mid-March will attend the school next September. The test is independently produced by a variety of American Guidance services, a subsidiary of Pearson Education, under contract to the New York City Department of Education .

Specialized High Schools Reception Test - Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. What is the shsat?

SHSAT is used for admission in the following schools:

Bronx Higher School of Science
Brooklyn Latin School
Brooklyn Technical High School
Graduate School of American Studies at Lehman College
City College High School for Mathematics, Science and Technology
Queens High School for Science at York College
Staten Island Technical High School
Stuyvesant High School
According to the State of New York, a law known as the Hecht Stepnoe Act is the only way that these schools can use to determine admission. Admission to the remaining specialized high school, Fiorello H. LaGuardia Graduate School of Music and Arts and Performing Arts is determined by an audition or portfolio, not an exam.

The test is given at the end of October (grade 8) or at the beginning of November (grade 9 and grade 8 with MEP years, 504 plans, and ELL). The test is administered at test centers located in each of the 5 city districts. In recent years, students residing in Manhattan have taken it to Stuivzant High School, the Bronx in the Bronx Science High School, Brooklyn in Brooklyn at Sunset Park High School, and James Madison High School in Queens on Long Island City High School, Hillcrest High School, or John Adams High School, and Staten Island High School.

Students must choose which schools they wish to contact (up to 8) and indicate them in order of preference on the day of the exam. The test is offered to all eighth and ninth grade students living in New York, but most applicants are eighth grade students.

The SHSAT results are ordered by the highest number of points to the lowest score. The list is processed in order of grade, with each student placed in their most privileged school, which still has open places, and continues until there are open places in any school. The grading of the test is not proportional to the initial value and is formalized in New York by the Department of Education.

examination format
SHSAT tests grammar and ability in English and mathematics. It is recommended that no more than 90 minutes are spent on each section, but the time can be divided anyway students wish. There is no gap between sections. Electronic calculators and other calculating tools cannot be used during the test.

57 Multiple choice questions

9-11 revised / edited
6-7 Documentary literature and fiction, 46-48 questions in total
All questions Multiple choice questions
57 Multiple choice questions 5 grids in Questions

Different mathematical test topics
Basic Mathematics
substitution of
Main Coordinate Graphing
Text tasks
There’s no fine for wrong answers. The total number of correct answers (Score raw materials) is converted into a scalable formula score, which is not released by the Department of Education and which varies from year to year. This grade is scaled, a whole number between 200 and 800, used to determine whether a student is worthwhile. The grade is not scaled in proportion to the raw grades.

Specialized High Schools Reception Test - Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. What is the shsat?

Threshold scores for each school vary annually, determined only by the number of open spaces in each school and as candidates for evaluation. Students are notified of their grades in March. The Department of Education does not publish the grades, the figures are lower than the self-assessments of interested parents in public forums. For the exam in the fall of 2006, the lowest cut-off score was 478. The highest cutoff score was 558 for Stuyvesant High School, historically the most desirable of the schools. The second highest cut-off score was 510 for Bronx Science. For the Autumn 2007 exam, the highest score cut-off was 562 for Stuyvesant. Stuyvesant took all those who scored 562 or higher, and Bronx Science had a 509 cut-off score. Brooklyn Tech was a 480.

For fall 2012, as reported in spring 2013, the cut-off score for the Stavisant score was 562, for the Bronx Science score was 513, Staten Island Tech 503, American study in Lehman was 501, for Queens 500, for HSMSE 498, Brooklyn Tech 483 , Brooklyn Latin 471.

What is the shsat? How to figure it out? The SHSAT Grade 9 cutoff grades are usually much higher due to the limited space available for grades 10 in schools. Some schools such as the Stavisant and Bronx Science can only have 5-10 seats each year for incoming 10th graders, while Brooklyn High School of Technology, being a school with most students, can only have about 20-30 seats. Depending on the year, the number of places can be found in New York High School Directory books given to all students applying for admission to high school. Each year, an average of 50-60 9th Grade students are enrolled in specialized schools, out of an estimated 3,000 students. Schools such as Brooklyn Latin School had a score of 494 in 2018, Brooklyn Tech had a score of 525, Bronx Science had a score of 532, and Stuyvesant had a score of 589.

How hard is the gre pass shsat?

Other schools typically have a score of a cut around 520. Grade 9 of SHSAT is considered the most difficult because of the test involving more complex English questions, as well as advanced math such as geometry, integrated algebra, etc., and the competition being much harder because the chances of getting into the school are “thin”.

Department of Educational Programs
New York High School Specialized School (shsI) is a free program run by the City of New York for high school students with high scores on city-wide tests and high report card scores. The initial goal of the program was to increase the population of Black and Spanish-speaking students by offering them tips and extra lessons, but anyone can apply. In 2006, 3,781 students were enrolled in 17 places. They spend 16 months starting in the summer after sixth grade preparing for the test.

Some applicants who have scored just below the Light Shadow scores and their counsellor is recommended to qualify for Discovery Summer programs. How hard is the gre prepare? Successful completion of this program allows students to gain admission to a specialized school. Students must:

  1. scored a score close to admission to the SHSAT; and
  2. be certified as disadvantageous to their high school by any of the following criteria:
    a. participate in Title 1 school and be from a family whose total income is documented as corresponding to the federal Eligibility Income Guidelines established for school meals by the NYS Department of Agriculture; or
    b. Will receive assistance from human resources management; or
    c. be a family member whose income is documented as equivalent to or below the Department of Social Security Standards; or
    E. be a foster child or a guardian of the State; or
    e. initially entered the United States over the past four years and lived in a home where the language is not normally English; and
  3. Recommend their local school as having high potential for a specialized secondary school programme.