How to instill in your child a love of reading: 5 tips and tricks for parents

1. Better read less, but more often. There is an erroneous idea that the longer a child reads, writes, the faster and better he masters this action. In fact, the child most productively learns a new action in the first 5 minutes, so organize the child’s day so that he reads 2-3 times for 5 minutes. during the day.

2. Don’t use reading a book as a punishment for your child. So you form in him a sharp disgust and hatred for the process of reading.

3. At first, read more often what the child knows by heart or those works that are well known. Reception allows you to feel how easy and pleasant it is to read. At this moment, when the child follows with his eyes the lines that he already knows well, the brain is accumulating qualitative changes and in the future, of course, there will be a jump in the development of reading.

4. Read before bed and apply the Scheherazade principle. The last thing that the child’s brain fixes at the end of a busy day is the written image of the word, which further contributes to the amazing development of reading, streamlining the regime, and creating warm traditions in the family. And interrupting reading at an interesting moment in the plot of the book encourages the child to think about the work and dream about continuing reading.

5. Always go from the taste of the child. If he dreams of dinosaurs, he shouldn’t read about chickens. Let the child choose the topic that interests him, even if you do not completely agree with this choice.

And one more piece of advice, exchange books with friends, go to libraries, bookstores, the child should see and join the wonderful world of books – a wide, diverse world where you can find a suitable work of literary art for every taste!