Nutrition Yoga Principles – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why can’t you eat after yoga
Your body is relaxed and energized, and your muscles still remember tension. It is better to give yourself a little break, concentrate on the sensations and have a snack after 1-1.5 hours. Then the stomach, rested from twisting, will better digest food and all useful substances will be absorbed one hundred percent.
Can yoga be done after breakfast?
If after a few toasts, scrambled eggs and vegetable salad you want to stand on the mat – this is not a good idea. The fact is that in yoga there are quite a lot of tilts, twists, inverted asanas, which will be difficult to perform on a full stomach. We recommend waiting 2.5-3 hours.
How to eat so that the result from classes comes faster?
Try not to chase the result. Hustle and bustle is what practitioners try to overcome. Do it for your pleasure – and the result will surely please you. But if you are still aiming for a lightning sprint, try to give up sweets, fast food and flavor enhancers. Give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, dairy products, drink plenty of water.
How much yoga do you need to do to see the result?
After a month of regular exercise, you will notice that your body has become more responsive and flexible, you have more energy for ordinary tasks, anxiety has gone, and the pain that used to bother you is gradually disappearing.
How do you feel after yoga?
A surge of energy that slowly “flows” through the body. Despite the fact that asanas are not always easy, you will notice that your mood has improved, negative thoughts have faded into the background, and your head has cleared up. And no one canceled the light pleasant tension from physical activity (hello to endorphins!). The main thing is to have fun and do not force yourself to do something difficult in pursuit of a quick result.

Nutrition is very important. The speed and duration of the journey called life depends on what kind of “gasoline” our body is filled with. You do not have to follow all the rules of nutrition in yoga, some may seem too strict and ascetic, for example, a complete rejection of processed food or fasting. Listen to your feelings and desires more often: our body knows how to heal itself.