How to react to the remarks of strangers to your child?

But on this day, one of the mothers was walking her child on the playground, who did not tolerate the antics of the little boy, and made sharp remarks to him, moreover, in a loud didactic tone and read Grandmother, always so fighting, this time was confused and silently took the baby home. In the following days, the baby did not appear on the playground, although he walked with his grandmother in the area of ​​the playground and cried a lot, because he was not allowed to play with the children.

Here is such a sad story, which has so far ended not in favor of the little boy. And it’s worth considering whether a strange adult woman had the right to make harsh remarks, even if the baby was wrong in this situation? Was the grandmother right, silently leaving the “battlefield”, without standing up for the boy?

These questions have a clear answer, you should not allow screams and insults from strangers or anyone, addressed to your child. Parents or grandmother should always stand up for the child, even in such a difficult situation when the baby is naughty and did something wrong.

The kid should know that his relatives will always protect him.

* If a child was scolded by a stranger, then calmly ask him not to make any more comments to your child. After all, you are a parent and you yourself know how to resolve such issues and how to make comments.

* Say that you do not accept the discussion of the behavior of your baby and, with strangers. After all, a three-year-old child is not yet fully aware of his actions.

– Arriving home, you need to explain to the child, his wrong, in a language accessible to his age. We need to support him and make sure that he learns the right lesson from what happened.

– In order to avoid such situations with three-year-olds and children of a different age, you need to try to keep them busy with the game, come up with activities on the playground and often remind them of the rules of behavior in the circle of children and adults.

– And you can’t punish a child with a ban on playing with peers. This will lead to low self-esteem and a misunderstanding of the situation. He will become embittered and may behave even worse with children.

– Remember, if the child does not know what to do with himself, and the parent does not pay attention to him, then he will do everything that seems funny to him in order to attract the attention of others, even with shouting and pulling. And as a result, such conflicts appear.