How to choose the right shsat schools

Rating or atmosphere?

How to choose the right shsat schools
  • How to choose the right school? The father of one girl told me – we, says, go to this school, because she is in the ranking of 10th place. I said, did you see if this school is right for your child? At pace, classmates, teachers? “She gives good knowledge.” Will it be comfortable for your child?
  • Parents are fixated on the results of the EGE and do not think about the physical and mental health of children. We believe that a successful child is a child who has been brought to a neurotic state. But he goes to a brilliant school, where they sit at the desks for 10 hours and then do their homework for another 4 hours.

Last year we did some research in a gymnasium. It’s not the healthiest kids there psychologically and mentally. They’re wonderful, intellectually advanced. But I feel sorry for them. I don’t think many of them will achieve much in life. Because what’s done at the cost of health…

  • What do you mean, at the cost of health? As I understand it, there are children who can already work 12-14 hours a day in high school. And they love it!
  • Nobody can work like that!
  • They can’t?
  • It’s no coincidence that an adult has an 8-hour working day. Why is a 15-16-year-old supposed to have a 72-hour school week like this?
  • Views of shsat schools.

He can’t take it. And that’s what parents see. But they tolerate it because “it’s an investment in the future.” It’s doubtful…

What’s good for the baby? Which shsat schools?

  • What do you mean, this school is for your baby?
  • First, you have to understand what kind of baby you have. There are children, not many of them, but there are those who want to go to school scary. They are physically strong, emotionally stable. They’re screamed at, and they don’t pay attention to it. They have some interest, they go to a club, a sports section. They combine everything, they’re fun, they’re open… You can give a child like that to any school.

But if you have a sensitive, emotional child, if he subtly reacts to the fact that someone looked at him wrong, someone shouted, if he can quickly offend, if he quickly tires out, if he is often ill, you have to seriously think about the load in school, what kind of teacher? A quick, determined, active, demanding teacher is not a teacher for your child.

Or, for example, you have a child with speech development problems, and these children are definitely over 40%. Then this child is definitely not a language school.

  • You have now built the perfect scheme: Go, look for the right one, choose. And in Moscow and many other cities electronic recording – you can enroll in the nearest schools.
  • So at least look at the nearest schools. I think that parents, despite the electronic record, have the right to come to school, to get acquainted with the future teacher.

The transition to high school

How to choose the right shsat schools
  • When we talk about choosing a school, we mean first grade. But going to high school is no less serious. On the one hand, a class in which the child has already studied 4 years and he has a relationship there. On the other hand, new teachers, new demands. What should I do?
  • Ask the child!
  • In fifth grade?!
  • At the age of 10, a person is able to make a conscious choice. If a child says “I don’t want to study in this class”, you should listen.
  • A 10-year-old’s opinion should be listened to?!
  • In general, you should listen to a child of any age. Even when it’s not yet able to speak.
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Senior classes.

  • What would you recommend to those going to high school? Does it have to be defined with a profile? And if the child hasn’t yet decided who he will be?
  • The only advice is that high school can and should be chosen (if necessary) by the child. Parents can participate, discuss, advise, help, but not decide on the principle of “I know how best”.

It is important to define a profile for those who have not only a clearly expressed interest, passion, desire to do something, but also a real job to realize this dream. “I want” or “I’m interested” – great, it is worth trying, understand, understand the nuances of the future direction of activity, profession. But the search for interest is not fast, and not always becomes immediately clear that “it’s mine” and it corresponds to the inclinations, abilities and capabilities of the child, supports his interest and desire. Samples are more often needed, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

It is better, if possible, to try in younger school age. Parents do not like such samples: “started to study – do it, there is nothing to run, then one, then another. The child does it from under the stick. Do not be surprised that the senior classes are many children who do not know what they want.

I don’t think profile school is the future, it’s not narrow profiles that are needed, but broad directions. It seems to me that what is more important for the future is not immersion in scientific disciplines, but a broad view, the ability to integrate knowledge, to master inter-disciplinary skills, to master speech perfectly, to be able to polemise.

I like the experience of many countries where undecided children work for a year or two before entering university, travel, look for themselves, but then make an informed choice.

  • Often there are no general education classes in high school. Teachers force children who go to the 10th grade to decide. Does this mean that the boundary of the 9th-10th grade is the time to choose a life trajectory for life? How not to make a mistake in her choice?
  • You can’t force a person to “make a decision.” Either this conscious choice has formed, or it hasn’t. And, of course, we have no right to drive a thought into a child’s head – either a choice today or without a choice for life.

We have before our eyes thousands of people who dramatically and dramatically changed their profession at a mature age and achieved the highest results.

Moreover, even specialists today cannot offer a breakdown of professions that will be in demand in 10-20 years. Then what choice do we offer today’s high school students? The most in demand will be those who know how to study, retrain, rebuild, make independent decisions and be responsible for themselves. It has nothing to do with the choice of profile. Or rather, it is not the profile that is important, but whether it will be possible to learn it.

High School Mode

  • What do you think a high school student’s comfort regime should be like? Now eleven-graders are working hard at school and still chasing tutors to prepare for the USE. Is there a point in such a busy schedule? How will it affect human health?
  • The health of our high school students is best described by the figures of the Ministry of Health and medical specialists: at the age of 10 to 15 years, the number of children with pronounced health problems doubles – from 33.5 to 66.5%.

These figures do not need any comments. Tense daily rhythm of life, intellectual and emotional tension should be alternated with full rest, relaxation. The endless marathon cannot withstand even the strongest and most enduring. Working without rest makes no sense. Stress does not allow you to concentrate, creates a basis for increased anxiety, panic, blocks the memory and it turns out – taught without sleep and rest, and at the exam, as if everything was erased with an eraser.