10 surprisingly simple tips to learn how to speak beautifully.

speak beautifully

In one university there was an unsightly grey professor: he wore glasses with thick glasses and terribly old-fashioned suits. Such a man is very easy not to see in the crowd.

But as soon as he entered the audience and began to speak, the miracle of transformation took place: the professor was chained to the views of the entire audience, and even the lazy in the last rows listened to each of his words.

Such a competent, clear speech, so clever and deep thoughts were pouring out of his mouth that he turned from an old man into a statuesque, representative orator. Nobody noticed his thick glasses, baldness and worn-out costume. Isn’t that amazing?

You should agree: a clear, consistent and convincing statement of your thoughts is a real art. And for your words to be listened to as well as that professor, you need to give speech and learn to speak correctly. This will be useful for you in all spheres of life.

Thanks to these skills, you can be the soul of the company, with ease convince a potential partner to sign a contract with you, make a spectacular speech before an audience and achieve any goals.

Where does a beautiful speech come from?

A child’s beautiful speech is a credit to his parents. It is desirable to develop conversation skills from childhood. This is facilitated by visiting a theatrical studio or poetry club, as well as constant reading and learning poetry.

The childhood of the modern generation is inextricably linked with computers, which leaves almost no time for books. This is a very important shortcoming of many parents, because when it comes to how to speak beautifully, reading is indispensable.

Language and literature lessons at school make a significant contribution to the development of children’s speech. If school teachers do not give the desired results, parents should take the situation into their own hands.

It is worth considering individual lessons with your child, or enrolling them in private lessons with another teacher who will help them develop the art of speaking freely on any topic.

speak beautifully

But what if your parents missed the aspect of developing beautiful speech as a child? Do not be upset and think that you have no chance to learn to speak clearly. You can still catch up, improve yourself never too late!

How to make your speech beautiful

Above all, you need a responsible approach and a well-defined strategy in order to learn to speak correctly. It will also be useful for you to follow a few rules as you improve your speech:

Eliminate parasitic words from circulation.
Read fiction.
Constantly enrich your speech with new words.
Fight diction or pronunciation defects.
Listen to beautiful and correct speech.
To retell what you read or heard.
Avoid tautology. Highlight what’s important.
To develop memory.
Fighting the fear of the public
These tips seem simple, but only constant adherence to them will lead to the desired result. Speech can be delivered without assistance, only self-control and discipline are needed.

Parasite Words

Getting rid of parasite words is not an easy task. They become a habit, so during a conversation we simply do not notice a speech defect.

Words “shorter”, “well”, “like”, “this”, “like”, “how to say”, “in general”, “you know”, “actually”, “let’s say” in case of multiple repetition destroy the whole charm of our presentation, even if we talk about “smart” things.

Of course, this habit is not so easy to get rid of, so we learn to speak without parasites gradually. To do this, you can ask your family or friends to correct you.

As soon as people around you hear the forbidden word, let them immediately make a comment. To increase efficiency, think of a punishment for using parasitic words.

Get a special piggy bank and put a certain amount of money in it for each mistake you make in the conversation. Many offices have “punishing piggy banks”. This is how firms fight slang and profanity among their employees.

If you’re an athlete, you can punish yourself differently. For every word you say, make yourself do push-ups.

It is not always convenient to do exercises everywhere, so you can write down the tasks in your notebook, and do everything you have accumulated during the day already in the evening or in the morning of the next day.

Just do not evade punishment. Your best assistant is self-control. In time you will speak clearly and distinctly, the main thing is not to give up.

Reading and reading again

An effective way to develop speech in adults and children is through reading. Reading is not everything. Classical literature or special books on speech development will be perfect.

We can recommend such works as “The Word of the Living and the Dead” by Nora Gal, “From Adam’s Apple to the Apple of Discord” by Vadim Khrupp and “Living as Life” by Korney Chukovsky.

On the Internet there is a lot of decent literature, reading of which will help to put speech and refill the vocabulary.

Paraphrasing what you have read can make it more effective. Just ask someone to monitor how well and consistently you present the text.

speak beautifully

As you read it, you will find interesting quotes. We especially recommend that you write them down in your notebook so that you can reread them from time to time and memorize them.

In addition to books, clever phrases and excerpts from books are teeming with social networks. No matter where the quotes come from, it is much more important to memorize them.

In the right situation, the brain will tell you who to quote. Such a sudden color of speech can turn your words into a real masterpiece of public speaking.

Speech enhancement exercises…

One of the good exercises for those who learn how to speak properly is to choose synonyms.

The richer your vocabulary, the easier it will be to avoid tautology and other signs of speech scarcity. Download to your smartphone one of the apps that help you choose synonyms.

When you’re bored or you can spare 5-7 minutes for yourself, look for replacement words that are the most commonly used in your speech.

Those who suffer from pronunciation problems will find it helpful to sign up with a speech therapist. Forget about stereotypes – this specialist is visited not only by children, but also by adults.

To make your speech sound clear and fast, there is also a couple of good exercises. Learning fast and difficult to pronounce phrases perfectly improves your speech and helps you to achieve your goal.

Want to learn to speak correctly? Listen more often to a beautiful speech. Audio recordings of books, speakers, poems and poems – any source of pronunciation will help.

Pick up the pace and use more than one method at a time. A comprehensive approach gives you the best results.

With the goal of improving your speech and perseverance, you may well become a person to whom interlocutors listen with pleasure. Believe in yourself and your strength.